WOW Your Facebook Fans with Customer Service

Having a fan page creates an opportunity for your business to provide the best customer service.  You don’t have a fan page just to get people to click the ‘Like button.’  Fan pages are an opportunity to demonstrate exemplary customer service that is out of this world by opening a line of communication where you can easily give your customers individual attention, find out what your customers wish your business would do differently, and build customer loyalty.  You want customers to come to your fan page and feel ‘WOWED’ by how they were treated.

Not in Person but Personal

There is no excuse for poor customer service even when there is little to no in person or phone communication.   Any conversation had between you and others can still be very personal and demonstrate a great amount of care.  Frequently respond to posts made by customers and cater the conversation to their needs.  The more attention that you give to others will eventually be reciprocated through customer loyalty, word of mouth referrals, and additional posts.  Remember, a fan page is a great tool to give customers the personal attention they want and deserve which will help to build your business’s brand.

Get Fan Page Feedback

Leave comments or create simple surveys asking what likes or dislikes fans have with the fan page, webpage, blog, products, services, media content, marketing methods, etc.  There is no better critic than your own customers.  They will be quick to respond if there is something they really enjoy or absolutely hate.  Even better would be to ask the right question which is really simple.  Just ask what

Fan Page Survey

everyone wants to learn or gain from their time on the fan page.  The answers may surprise you and will provide the right ammunition to create the content that your market is specifically looking for.  As you can see this feedback is necessary to cater what is posted and shared to the needs of these visitors.  If you never ask for the insight of your customers you may never know what isn’t working which will hurt you and your plans in the long run.

It can take some time though to make your audience warm up enough to respond or get them involved in conversations.  Don’t get stressed out if their are fewer responses than you had hoped for.  Just provide the opportunity for them where they can respond and the results will soon follow.  Fan page feedback is one of the greatest tools available and it needs to be taken advantage of to achieve the goals of your business.

Recognize Top Visitors

Reach out to visitors who frequent the fan page and leave comments, like posts, or share articles.  These customers are as valuable as gold and should be treated as such.  Let them know that they are appreciated by being quick to respond to posts they leave.  You can even make a special comment sharing how this contributor is benefiting the fan page community or your business through their insights, ideas, or questions.  This attention will create greater value between the brand and these visitors.

Resolve Fan Page Complaints

If there are complaints of any kind directed towards your business or posts made by others on your fan page, be quick to resolve them.  Don’t let these problems persist because you need to have a professional environment on the fan page.  This will demonstrate that you are willing to resolve these problems to the best of your ability and others will notice your good intentions.