Why Your Business NEEDS a Facebook Fan Page

Some businesses contemplate the importance of having a Facebook fan page, wondering if it will pay off to create a fan page.  When a page is created, a few images are usually added, a profile image, and a little bit of content.  The rest is left up to fans to find the page and like it.  It is heard that the more likes on the fan page you have will equate to greater success as a business…somehow.

Let me share that if you are all about just getting a lot of likes and fake relationships you are losing out on the purpose of the Facebook fan page.  There is so much more than just having a lot of likes in order to increase business or build loyalty.  These fan pages can create a line of communication that you have never had before between you and your customer.  Those who like your page can share excitement about your brand, your business can promote new changes and products, build loyalty, and draw in new customers.

Build Brand Recognition

One of the greatest tools that will help to enhance your business is to build brand recognition.  What do you really do and how your brand can influence the lives of customers.  This brand can stand out from other similar businesses by demonstrating its mission statement through social interaction with current and new customers.  If the brand offers quality products and its actions align itself with their customers standards and beliefs this will create the type of brand recognition you want.

You don’t want to be known as the type of business that everyone has heard about but wants nothing to do with them because they lack in effectiveness, standards, and being something fresh or unique.  Build your brand by enhancing your social presence and business ethics.

Promote New Changes

How many people will visit your site when a change is made or new products offered the instant this content is available?  Even frequent visitors may miss something that they would have liked to have the moment the product is available.  The most dedicated fan won’t always visit the webpage of preferred businesses or blogs everyday to get this information but they will always check their Facebook news.  Individuals have turned Facebook into a daily routine to check and read up on friends and news so use this medium to promote anything new to draw your followers attention.

Build Stronger Customer Loyalty

Your business fan page is a great method to create stronger customer loyalty.  A loyal customer will promote you through word of mouth and will stand up for you against any bad publicity.  They will choose you over any other similar product, brand, or service because of the value your products and service.  These customers can’t be easily bought and when you have them you can’t lose them.

Fan Page Loyalty

Your business fan page can enhance this loyalty with old and new customers.  It requires effort on your part to constantly touch customer’s through positive responses on your behalf for posts they make.  Also, by giving them daily content they will draw greater attention.  It is hard to create this type of relationship anywhere else outside of the fan page as it promotes constant communication and relationship building between both parties.

Find New Customers

This fan page will also open the doors to newer customers that can now find and become part of your fan page community as it is available on Facebook now.  Loyal customers will invite or refer friends to the fan page when they feel added value provided from that content.  When customers like the fan page this will become visible to their personal Facebook community as will the posts.  This interest will drive further interest from their friends who may want to be a part of the fan page experience.

By striving to provide world class content on Facebook your business will continue to reel more customers in.  The potential that a fan page creates is HUGE!  Don’t let it pass you by because you either don’t have a page or provide value through your page.