Think Like a Salesman for Fan Page Likes

Time to think like a salesman…yes there is a bad connotation with that term but there is a lot that can be learned from their work ethic.  When looking for more business or looking to expand their personal network salesmen won’t just sit around in front of their computer and wait for the work to land in their lap.  Action has to be taken and there is an expectation that they become better the harder they work.  Interesting how working hard and working smart can lead to greater ‘luck’ or in other words success.  So if you are looking to increase likes lets think like salesman.

Befriend the Competition

To be the best in the field you have to follow the best.  Watch what they do, read their posts, listen to their podcasts, view their videos, and become their biggest fan.  You need to stay up to par with the competition while at the same time do something different.  People need to see that you are knowledgeable about the products or services you offer.  They want to see that you know as much as anyone in your field.  Most importantly they want to see what you have to offer that is unique and different from everyone else in the market.

Take the opportunity to learn what has worked for your competition or hasn’t worked.  They have had different experiences than you which can be learned from and adapted in your personal work.  Competition can also quickly show how many individuals are actively getting involved on their fan pages and what draws people to comment, like, or post on these fan pages.

This competition can be seen as an opposing force to what you are attempting to accomplish or it can be seen as an opportunity.  What’s more is not every competitor is out there to destroy your small business, sometimes they are open to working with one another to improve their circumstances as well as others that are trying to do the same thing.  Become familiar with one another on a professional level and it could improve your fan page objectives as your learn from others in the field.

Make Friends in Your Market

Try to find what your markets likes and dislikes are so you can cater content to their needs.  Also get involved in other groups that they follow, if it matches your fan page objectives.  Post on those pages as an administrator from your fan page so that others who don’t know you can read your ‘QUALITY’ content. Don’t advertise yourself or site to much as people will follow the content, products or services you offer and not the ‘PUSHY SALES PITCH.’  If you add value and show you are truly interested in others rather then yourself, others will notice and be drawn to your page.  Likes and active members come when effort is given on your behalf to understand their needs and fill that need.

Ask for Leads from Family/Friends/Coworkers

Some of the greatest supporters will be those closest to you.  If it is a loyal fan in your group, friends, family, or business contacts use them to your advantage to market your fan page.  By saying. “use them to your advantage” doesn’t mean to take advantage of them but maintain a professional/friendly approach.  Ask for their assistance to spread the word about what you do to others they come in contact with who require your services or expertise.

Strive to build and strengthen these relationships.  Let them know that one of the best ways to show gratitude for you work, service, or product is by telling others what you do.  Good professional relationships with friends or fans requires that you work and assist them but that they also reciprocate the effort and time you have given them by sharing your service with others either verbally or through Facebook.

Don’t Waste Time

One of the most important steps to be a successful salesman is to use time wisely.  Don’t waste your time in pointless activities that don’t progress your fan page growth and interaction.  Pointless activities can range from getting side tracked from studying too much yet never implementing what you learn on your fan page.  It could be thinking that soon you will start to work on your fan page but today isn’t the right time to start. There is a time a place for these things but don’t allow them to consume all of your time.  If you want to be successful, use your time wisely.  Work on productive larger tasks first and fill in free time with the minor things.

Have Goals in Mind

Another attribute commonly used by a salesman is meeting monthly and yearly goals.  Goals can help to motivate us with long term or short term goals.  Right now is an excellent time to plan goals as it is a start of a new year and new opportunity.  Some goals for your fan page could be:

  • Increase Fan Page Interaction
  • Increase ‘LIKES’
  • Add Weekly Content
  • Work on Large Projects – Videos, Competitions, etc.

These simple ideas can lead to results if followed closely.  Just have the end in mind and keep on working.  A successful fan page should think like a salesman which in turn can increase traffic activity.