8 Reasons to Watch Out for Google+

Google is getting into the social network game.  With the release of Google+ to the public in September and Google+ branded pages in November it has begun the push to become a top contender.  They are seeking a unique way to reach its current loyalty base as well as broaden its advertising business.  It is only in its infancy at this stage but the rate of growth as well as its tools has drawn a lot of attention to Google+.

#1 Circles

Circles allow you to set up specific groups of individuals with whom you can comment to or share information with.  This feature can make your comments public or private depending on who you want to see them.  These circles are easy to set up and allow greater flexibility to share with only those who should see your content.

#2 Hangouts

This is a live video method in which you and many other individuals can discuss updates, current news, teach classes, share changes, relax and get to know your customers, etc.  It is free and provides a wide range of services such as shared screen in which you can collaborate and share presentations via Google Docs.

#3 +1 (Recommend This Page)

Every site on Google search can now be +1. This means it is easier to share any content from any site to your social network.  It doesn’t require the Facebook plugin or to add a link to your post.  All you have to do is select the +1 when searching content on Google Search.  Next to each link that arises from the results click the +1 button and abracadabra!  You can now share this information with everyone or just those from a specific circle.

#4 Basic Post Capabilities

When creating a post it is pretty much like other social mediums and allows you to add links, videos, and photos easily enough.

#5 Spread the Word

One excellent feature for someone creating a new page is how you can share it easily with everyone in your circles and the circles of other contributors to your page.  With a short message and a click of a button everyone you know will receive a semi – personalized message pertaining to the new page.

#6 Share Feature

The Share button is the tool used to identify which groups will receive notice of an article or site that you liked.\

#7 Advertisments

Google is starting to make a larger push with TV commercials and other advertising venues to promote Google+.  They understand the power of advertising and are using it to their advantage in order to grow and build their community.

#8 An All in One

Google offers not only the social tool but many of the top resources on the web and is trying to bring them all together with its users through Google+.  It has control of video sharing with Youtube, it has complete dominance with its Search engine and Google Chrome, its mobile market is growing rapidly with its android software, and there is so much more.  Some of these products are on Facebook and other social mediums now but Google is trying to bring everything together through Google+

Be watchful of Google+ and its growth and opportunities as it could become the next Facebook or at least a close competitor.  Sooner or later changes will happen that will decide its fate among the general public.