5 Winning Attributes to Grow a Fan Page

A basic fan page is easy to set up but there is so much more to optimize a fan page than just setting up the page.  You can’t expect a simple profile and a few comments will lead to countless new friends who are excited to comment, buy your products/services, and refer you.  If you are seeking to make a successful fan page so that your community can grow at an exponential rate while being actively involved, then you need to work for it.  It requires time and a few personal attributes that help to express who you are and how you and your fan page offers value.  As a fan page administrator there are five attributes that are beneficial for long term success.  These attributes are: innovative, tactful, inviting, knowledgeable, and serviceable.

Be Innovative

Start thinking outside of the box right now.  Look at the sights of your competitors and start asking yourself, “what else can be done?”  You could create a landing page, podcasts, videos, articles, daily comments, engage customers, provide classes, have promotions, offer discounts, have a community competition with prizes, feature top contributors, etc.  There are so many opportunities available to enhance the experience of every individual that visits your page.  See what they like and what they dislike and try to create an atmosphere that is unique yet maintains a thoughtful structure that continually brings people back.

Be Tactful

Be wise in your approach on your fan page as you are dealing with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Understand how to create a fan page that is universal for your target market.  Whenever responses are left, good or bad, be wise in your approach as your actions will not only reflect what type of individual you are, but your business as well, which could be beneficial or detrimental to your success.  Be tactful when you write on other fan pages or try to work cooperatively with others as your actions can lead to your success.

Be Inviting

Don’t just talk about yourself and how great your fan page is all the time as you want to leave room for others to feel welcome to become involved.  Make your fan page warm and inviting where you can post content but especially where others can post content and share ideas or thoughts.  When others feel like your fan page allows them to post and share their success or ask for help, then you are on the right track.  People need to get involved and they want to see what you have on your fan page but they also want their voices to be heard.

Be Knowledgeable

This attribute is important as you are seen as the expert of your fan page.  You must spend time learning and staying up to date with changes in your market so you can share what is most important to your readers or visitors.  You must know how to answer tough questions and if you don’t know the answer then find it.  Spending extra time to resolve one issue will go a long way as everyone will see you as the professional of your field.

Be Serviceable

When people go to any fan page they are looking for two things:

1st – Content of the Page
2nd – How the Fan Page Serves Them

I want to focus on the second point.  How can an attribute like service be attached to something like a fan page?  There are plenty of ways to provide service in small ways that can impact individuals profoundly.  For example, questions that are made can be addressed promptly and thoroughly.  Free advice can be given to people on an individual basis.  Recognition and rewards for top contributors can also be given to show gratitude.  You can even go to the extreme and start a small charity to benefit others through your fan page so your visitors can recognize your willingness to help those in need.

Take Action

Don’t worry if you aren’t the strongest in all of these areas.  What you can do is make any of these weaknesses into strengths through your personal efforts and application.  It can take some time to fit the mold that some individuals look for in a fan page administrator but there is also a slight trick.  That trick is to team up with others who have skills and talents different than your own.  This type of work can help you reach all of your fan page goals at a faster rate; however, you may have to share the administrative duties.  Its up to you.

There are many individuals that have been able to accomplish much by themselves, it just requires hard work and dedication.  Whatever the choice is, you are capable of achieving what you want.  So review these attributes and find where you can improve the most and how it can be used to increase fan page growth and traffic.