18 Ways to Grow Your Fan Page TODAY!

Building a strong fan base can seem a little daunting for a new fan page or even an established page.  It does take time and effort to build a quality page where individuals feel like they want to be a part of the community on your page but you can get some likes quickly and keep them trickling in with these tips here.

1. Add a link in your email signature

Sounds simple enough but just ask yourself. “How many emails do I send and of those emails do I reference my page?”  If you don’t reference your page to those who know you, they may never know what you are doing unless told.

2. Follow similar sites/competition signed in as the admin for your fan page

Make your biggest competitor your closest friend and ‘Like’ or Google+ them on your page.  If you really want to see growth with your fan page community find out what has been tried and proven by visiting their pages.  There is no better source of knowing instantly what your customer’s like or dislike than what you find here.  You can see what posts, surveys, competitions, or methods have been working and use that knowledge to improve upon what you are doing.

Apart from getting ideas for your business leave comments signed in as the fan page administrator.  Quality comments will build your reputation and others will be inclined to visit your fan page.  Avoid spamming at all costs where you merely invite individuals to visit your site but leave no value or reason for them to do so.

3. Add links to the fan page from every social medium you use

Leave links on Twitter, LinkedIN, Google +, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, personal blog, etc.

4. Call to action (write at the bottom of articles)

This is a simple step where you can invite readers and visitor’s to like your fan pages on Facebook or Google+ through your articles.  Just simply add a link on the bottom of your articles and ask them to like your page to receive updates and notifications when new content is created.

5. Advertise yourself to friends, family, and acquaintances with a massive, personalized email or message to get started

This is a quick and simple technique anyone can do in a few minutes.  Inform everyone you know, personally or professionally, about your new fan page.  Those who are closest to you can become some of your biggest fans as they spread your new venture by word of mouth.  Let your friends know how much you would appreciate their support and show gratitude to those who like your fan page to encourage additional help.

6. Make a deal (Share another site’s stuff in exchange for them sharing your stuff)

Team up with start-ups or more established businesses by asking them to share each others content on one another’s site in order to drive different customers to the page.  Try to look for sites that have a similar client base though.

7. Have fans sign up for a newsletter and like your fan page

This can be done via your web page or fan page by offering free monthly news letters, an e-book, small gift, a discount code, etc.

8. Create a custom banner ad on your timeline or use your profile picture to advertise

Use your personal Facebook page to add a banner that advertises your fan page or add your business logo to your profile picture on various social mediums to advertise yourself.  Try not to get to out of hand and infringe on personal relations that you have.  Just add something simple that is personal yet includes a signature of your link or fan page name.

9. Create videos

Produce videos that provide value for your market and creates a greater desire to get involved.  These videos should include a signature to your social page as well as an invitation to get involved with the community found on your page.

10. Names, names, names (use fan names to develop community)

Share fan names in articles, posts, or in responses.  You are acknowledging them as an individual of your page and reaching out to them to demonstrate your desire to personally get to know them.

11. Have interactive surveys created

These surveys can help you to quickly find out what your visitor’s like or dislike so you can adapt to their needs

12. Use the word LIKE in links found on your site/content

People who read this word may feel more inclined to like your page if they are a frequent visitor.

13. Quick to Action

It is important to respond to every comment whether it is a comment, concern, idea etc.  Responding quickly to visitors and fans will lead to more involvement on their behalf as they start to trust you as the administrator more.  Their involvement and comments will show up on the news feed where friends, family, and associates will see it and potentially visit your page because of it.

Try to have responses that are more personal as well to actually get to know your customer.  Don’t tell everyone ‘great comment,’ ‘good post,’ ‘thanks for sharing,’ etc. but create a conversation with them.  You want to make what you share to be memorable and entice your followers to return and respond again and again and again.  Yes, I wrote that three times because it is that important.  More fans will be willing to like the page as they see how interactive you truly are on your fan page.

14. Have contests to invoke involvement and gain fans

Contests will get current fans to get involved and you can create contests where additional entries will be provided if the contest is shared with others.  The more people that get involved with these contests the more exposure you will get with others who may be interested with your page.

15. Like & Google+ widget

Add this widget to your website, if you have one, to drive people to get involved with your social networks.  WordPress.org allows you to add widgets to like or Google+ your articles or webpage.

16. Ask fans to “Share” your status

This sounds simple enough but how many people actually ask fans to share their status.  Ask them to get involved and share statuses that would be beneficial to other people they know.

17. Have a professional page

What this means is that you want people to come to your page and feel like it provides valuable content but also has an appearance that is appealing to your market.  Have a professional profile, content, pictures, etc. in order to instill that this page will provide useful information and an interactive community.  In turn this should draw more people to like you page.

18. Create a custom landing page

This is a Facebook fan page only tool and appears to new visitors.  The landing page is a customizable screen that you can use to invite these visitors to like your page in order to have access to the content, be a part of your community, and receive notifications of any updates.

Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing so you can establish your page and grow your community.  Just remember to be diligent when you apply any of these steps and the fruits of your labors will follow after.