Why Your Business NEEDS a Facebook Fan Page

Some businesses contemplate the importance of having a Facebook fan page, wondering if it will pay off to create a fan page.  When a page is created, a few images are usually added, a profile image, and a little bit of content.  The rest is left up to fans to find the page and like it.  It is heard that the more likes on the fan page you have will equate to greater success as a business…somehow.

Let me share that if you are all about just getting a lot of likes and fake relationships you are losing out on the purpose of the Facebook fan page.  There is so much more than just having a lot of likes in order to increase business or build loyalty.  These fan pages can create a line of communication that you have never had before between you and your customer.  Those who like your page can share excitement about your brand, your business can promote new changes and products, build loyalty, and draw in new customers.

Build Brand Recognition

One of the greatest tools that will help to enhance your business is to build brand recognition.  What do you really do and how your brand can influence the lives of customers.  This brand can stand out from other similar businesses by demonstrating its mission statement through social interaction with current and new customers.  If the brand offers quality products and its actions align itself with their customers standards and beliefs this will create the type of brand recognition you want.

You don’t want to be known as the type of business that everyone has heard about but wants nothing to do with them because they lack in effectiveness, standards, and being something fresh or unique.  Build your brand by enhancing your social presence and business ethics.

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WOW Your Facebook Fans with Customer Service

Having a fan page creates an opportunity for your business to provide the best customer service.  You don’t have a fan page just to get people to click the ‘Like button.’  Fan pages are an opportunity to demonstrate exemplary customer service that is out of this world by opening a line of communication where you can easily give your customers individual attention, find out what your customers wish your business would do differently, and build customer loyalty.  You want customers to come to your fan page and feel ‘WOWED’ by how they were treated.

Not in Person but Personal

There is no excuse for poor customer service even when there is little to no in person or phone communication.   Any conversation had between you and others can still be very personal and demonstrate a great amount of care.  Frequently respond to posts made by customers and cater the conversation to their needs.  The more attention that you give to others will eventually be reciprocated through customer loyalty, word of mouth referrals, and additional posts.  Remember, a fan page is a great tool to give customers the personal attention they want and deserve which will help to build your business’s brand.

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Think Like a Salesman for Fan Page Likes

Time to think like a salesman…yes there is a bad connotation with that term but there is a lot that can be learned from their work ethic.  When looking for more business or looking to expand their personal network salesmen won’t just sit around in front of their computer and wait for the work to land in their lap.  Action has to be taken and there is an expectation that they become better the harder they work.  Interesting how working hard and working smart can lead to greater ‘luck’ or in other words success.  So if you are looking to increase likes lets think like salesman.

Befriend the Competition

To be the best in the field you have to follow the best.  Watch what they do, read their posts, listen to their podcasts, view their videos, and become their biggest fan.  You need to stay up to par with the competition while at the same time do something different.  People need to see that you are knowledgeable about the products or services you offer.  They want to see that you know as much as anyone in your field.  Most importantly they want to see what you have to offer that is unique and different from everyone else in the market.

Take the opportunity to learn what has worked for your competition or hasn’t worked.  They have had different experiences than you which can be learned from and adapted in your personal work.  Competition can also quickly show how many individuals are actively getting involved on their fan pages and what draws people to comment, like, or post on these fan pages.

This competition can be seen as an opposing force to what you are attempting to accomplish or it can be seen as an opportunity.  What’s more is not every competitor is out there to destroy your small business, sometimes they are open to working with one another to improve their circumstances as well as others that are trying to do the same thing.  Become familiar with one another on a professional level and it could improve your fan page objectives as your learn from others in the field.

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5 Winning Attributes to Grow a Fan Page

A basic fan page is easy to set up but there is so much more to optimize a fan page than just setting up the page.  You can’t expect a simple profile and a few comments will lead to countless new friends who are excited to comment, buy your products/services, and refer you.  If you are seeking to make a successful fan page so that your community can grow at an exponential rate while being actively involved, then you need to work for it.  It requires time and a few personal attributes that help to express who you are and how you and your fan page offers value.  As a fan page administrator there are five attributes that are beneficial for long term success.  These attributes are: innovative, tactful, inviting, knowledgeable, and serviceable.

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6 GENIUS Facebook Marketing Tricks You’ve Never Heard Before

Before I get started, I have to say that you’d have to be a crazy person to not LIKE FollowFanPage on Facebook.  That’s where we give out daily tips to help you grow your Fan Page, and we answer every single question you ask on our wall.

6 months ago, I started a fan page for my photography website.  Even though I had no real audience at the time, I was fortunate enough to build a following of 16,000 followers on Facebook.  Along the way, I’ve learned some truly genius tips for building a community on a Facebook fan page.  Today, I thought I’d share a few gems with you.  Make sure not to miss any of the sweet tips Jacob and I have to share on running a Facebook fan page by clicking LIKE on our brand new fan page now!

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8 Reasons to Watch Out for Google+

Google is getting into the social network game.  With the release of Google+ to the public in September and Google+ branded pages in November it has begun the push to become a top contender.  They are seeking a unique way to reach its current loyalty base as well as broaden its advertising business.  It is only in its infancy at this stage but the rate of growth as well as its tools has drawn a lot of attention to Google+.

#1 Circles

Circles allow you to set up specific groups of individuals with whom you can comment to or share information with.  This feature can make your comments public or private depending on who you want to see them.  These circles are easy to set up and allow greater flexibility to share with only those who should see your content.

#2 Hangouts

This is a live video method in which you and many other individuals can discuss updates, current news, teach classes, share changes, relax and get to know your customers, etc.  It is free and provides a wide range of services such as shared screen in which you can collaborate and share presentations via Google Docs.

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18 Ways to Grow Your Fan Page TODAY!

Building a strong fan base can seem a little daunting for a new fan page or even an established page.  It does take time and effort to build a quality page where individuals feel like they want to be a part of the community on your page but you can get some likes quickly and keep them trickling in with these tips here.

1. Add a link in your email signature

Sounds simple enough but just ask yourself. “How many emails do I send and of those emails do I reference my page?”  If you don’t reference your page to those who know you, they may never know what you are doing unless told.

2. Follow similar sites/competition signed in as the admin for your fan page

Make your biggest competitor your closest friend and ‘Like’ or Google+ them on your page.  If you really want to see growth with your fan page community find out what has been tried and proven by visiting their pages.  There is no better source of knowing instantly what your customer’s like or dislike than what you find here.  You can see what posts, surveys, competitions, or methods have been working and use that knowledge to improve upon what you are doing.

Apart from getting ideas for your business leave comments signed in as the fan page administrator.  Quality comments will build your reputation and others will be inclined to visit your fan page.  Avoid spamming at all costs where you merely invite individuals to visit your site but leave no value or reason for them to do so.

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